Welcome to a small segment of history about US Navy Helicopter
operations. When I first found the internet in early 1999 I expected
to find lots of data written about my former squadron HU-1 as it was
the ‘FIRST’ operational Navy helicopter squadron. Instead, I found
only bits and pieces of its history. With a great deal of help via per-
sonal contacts made through the Korean War Project website, the
Navy Helicopter Historical Society website, and material collect-
ed by former officers and sailors this site is made possible.

This site is dedicated to the pilots, crewmen, and support sailors who flew and worked countless hours to rescue others in a fragile,
unarmed helicopter in the Korean War.

Sadly, over the past 4 years ‘Taps’ has sounded for some of the
contributors, and I miss their friendship and advice.
- Doug Froling

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Data content collected and com. piled from US NAVY Historical Reports (OPNAV Report 575-1), US NAVY web sites, and personal files from HU-1 shipmates - Thanks Guys.

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Also a Special Thanks to Nancy Harsin who researched the NAVY YARD files in Washington D.C. And, of course my Grandson Kyle who built this site